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Hey there! The website was born to help you speed up your computer by cleaning it up from duplicate files, with the best softwares in their category. We know that, unfortunately, most of the times it's the Apple softwares themselves, such as Photos and iTunes, that create duplicates. Importing data to their libraries can easily slow down your computer even when it's new. Throughout the website, we give out some tricks to keep your Mac clean and have it run at its best performance. Check out our posts and feel free to contact us for any question or comment!

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Tidy Up vs DupeZap

Tidy Up and DupeZap are definitely the best applications you can use to individuate duplicate files and remove them; I've tried several duplicate finders, but none of them is as fast and effective. Tidy Up is a more complete version of DupeZap; the difference between them is that Tidy Up can be used for pretty much everything that includes research and is provided with a great number of criteria and features, allowing you to customize your search. DupeZap, on the other hand, is less featured but still useful for simple searches. Learn More