Our suggestions about finding and eliminating duplicates in your Mac.

The more you use your computer, the more files get stored in your hard drive. Every time you perform an action, such as downloading, moving, copying, modyfing, you create new files that, after a while, can fill up your hard disk.

Often people don't realize that there's no need of buying a new external disk. They can free up space and improve their iMac performance simply by deleting the thousands of duplicates in their computer. Indeed, even when you think you're paying attention not to create any duplicate, there are some actions that you can't avoid.

Obviously, you can't even take into consideration going through your entire hard disk to find the duplicate elements because it would take centuries. There are several softwares that claim to do this work for you, but in fact there's only a few that actually work.

The software I suggest using is called Tidy Up. Tidy Up is extremely effective and is definitely the most featured duplicate file software you can find:

  • Very user-friendly and easy to use
  • Extremely fast research
  • Can search for every kind of file
  • Can search for folders by content
  • Can search through the entire hard disk or only specific folders
  • Can also search in external networks
  • Can search and synchronize the deletions in Mail, Photos, iTunes and Aperture's libraries
  • Customizable search criteria
  • Can search by content, name, date created/modified, size and lots more
  • Can search based on label visibility, empty folders, unused preferences, old cache and many more
  • Runs on every OSX system: from Panther and later
  • Can save the search result for a later use
  • Can trash, move, copy, export the list, burn a CD/DVD, substitute with aliases the found items
  • Is provided with a safe deletion system that allows to restore the deleted items even after the restart of the computer
  • Many more

Whether you want to solve your synchronization issues, utilize fast indexing, back up your drive data, or simply manage the files, such an application is worth a trial.

You can see for yourself for free how many duplicates are clogging your Mac!

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Since pictures in Photos can be modified once imported, it is really common to have lots of duplicates in the library. Every time a photo is modified, Photos creates a duplicate to keep the original untouched; this way you'll have the original and the modified photo and usually you want to keep just the modified one. It also happens that you import the same pictures multiple times, especially when you are used to import them form different locations every time.

After some time your Photos library gets filled of duplicates, causing it to slow down and wasting space on your hard disk. To solve this problem, due to the fact that Photos isn't provided with a duplicate remover, you need to use a software that helps you find and delete the duplicates. The one I've used for years is Tidy Up. It is now at its third version and in the years it has improved a lot. I've recommended it to some friends of mine who had the same problem; now they're all really satisfied with it and they're also using it to remove duplicate songs in iTunes.

Deleting duplicates with Tidy Up is easy and extremely fast. It is provided with more than 50 types searches, divided in 10 collections. If you like to customize your search, you can switch to the advanced mode and select as many criteria as you want. One thing I love about this software, which the majority of the other duplicate finder software don't have, is that Tidy Up allows you to choose the items to delete, through a helpful automatic system.

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When dealing with a library of thousands of songs, it is normal to create several duplicates, especially because, every time you import songs, you don't want to go through your library to check if you already have them. I am the same way and I never really worry about it. That's because I have a software that can easily and quickly find and erase those duplicates.

The software is Tidy Up. Not only is it very fast, but it is also equipped with lots of different features. It can search for dead tracks and delete them. It has the ability to search only in the desired playlists, or in the entire library and, once the searched is performed, you have several options to delete the dupes. Tidy Up allows you to keep all the songs contained in a specific playlist or all the higher quality ones.

A great feature is that it synchronizes the deletions with iTunes, avoiding the creation of dead tracks.

So, if you're tired of seeing duplicates in your library...

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After using your Mac for a while, you may notice its performance isn't as good as it used to be when it was new. This is a normal process and it is due to the usage of the computer. The more you use it, the more files you create and these can eventually slow down your computer and worsen its performance.

The main issue is that lots of the files in your hard drive are in fact files you don't need, such as unused applications, old cache, unused preference and, most of all, duplicate files. What can you do to clean up your Mac and speed it up?

You have to get rid of the unwanted files. You might think that it would be a timing process and you would need several softwares. Well, you are wrong! I had the same problem: my MacBook was running pretty slow and it always had its memory filled just after a couple years I had bought it. I wanted some piece of software that would do all the work I needed, without having to spend too much on multiple softwares.

I was completely satisfied when I found out Tidy Up. This software is unbelievably featured and can really perform any kind of search you want, even the more specific ones! I was able to go through all my computer and clean it up from all the useless files I had.

In just one hour, my Mac was completely cleaned up and its great performance was restored. If you want the thing done, Tidy Up is a must!

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