We present a few tips that will help you clean up the iTunes library.

iTunes is probably the most used application by Apple. Users always add new media files from different locations and transfer them to their iPod, iPad and iPhone; Moving the files back and forth ends up clogging up your hard disk with a huge amount of duplicates. Many people have libraries of thousands of songs and not always the tags are well-defined. As a consequence, iTunes and your Mac itself can start running slow due to all the space taken up by the duplicates.

These duplicates definitely cannot be searched manually; the process would take up too much time, even with a library of only a thousand songs. Even with iTunes' duplicate finding system, the work is still long and boring, since you have to go through each group of duplicate and manually select the items to delete. The only thing you can do is using a software that does the work for you. There are many softwares that claim to do that but, most of the times they don't allow you to customize the search and you don't even know which criteria are using to search.

The software I use is Tidy Up. It's a very effective software usable by all kinds of users, from the beginners to the experts. You can use one of its ready searches or, if you like to customize your search, you can use the advanced mode and choose the criteria for yourself. Tidy Up is also provided with a Strategy Wizard, which, in the Advanced Mode, guides your through a series of questions necessary to build your search; this way it gathers all the items to delete in a virtual basket. It is also able to restore the trashed songs back to their place if you realize you deleted the wrong ones, even after the restart of the computer.

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When dealing with a library of thousands of songs, it is normal to create several duplicates, especially because, every time you import songs, you don't want to go through your library to check if you already have them. I am the same way and I never really worry about it. That's because I have a software that can easily and quickly find and erase those duplicates.

The software is Tidy Up. Not only is it very fast, but it is also equipped with lots of different features. It can search for dead tracks and delete them. It has the ability to search only in the desired playlists, or in the entire library and, once the searched is performed, you have several options to delete the dupes. Tidy Up allows you to keep all the songs contained in a specific playlist or all the higher quality ones.

A great feature is that it synchronizes the deletions with iTunes, avoiding the creation of dead tracks.

So, if you're tired of seeing duplicates in your library...

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It happens often that you find songs in your Mac, and they haven't been imported in the iTunes library yet. This is most common when data is moved from another device into your computer, or even from an old computer to a new one. However, finding all those songs would take up too much time.

Yes, Tidy Up is also provided with a search made on purpose for this task. You only need a few clicks to move the found songs to a new folder and later import them into iTunes!

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