We present a few tips that will help you clean up the Mail mailbox.

One of the most annoying problems your Mac can have, is when your Mail mailbox is filled with duplicate email messages. It would take days to go through your mailbox and delete the duplicate messages over and over. There are AppleScripts you can find, but they are slow and not as user-friendly as the software I use.

Tidy Up is provided with a search made on purpose for this task. In a matter of seconds you can find all the duplicate emails and delete them safely. The deletions will be synchronized with Mail and your problem with duplicates will be over!

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When you look for something using Spotlight, the more files you have on your hard disk, the more time it will take. Since Spotlight looks inside the email messages too, having a lot of messages will slow down the search. In addition, you will have a wider result to go through to find what you are looking for. This can become annoying, especially when many files you're checking are just duplicates.

One thing you can do to stop this process, is to eliminate all the duplicate emails in your mailbox. However, to do so, you definitely need a software that does the work for you. The software I recommend is Tidy Up; it is very fast and easy to use. You can find and delete all the duplicate emails in just a few clicks, thanks to its pre-defined email search.

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