We present the differences between Tidy Up and DupeZap.

Tidy Up and DupeZap are definitely the best applications you can use to individuate duplicate files and remove them; I've tried several duplicate finders, but none of them is as fast and effective. Tidy Up is a more complete version of DupeZap; the difference between them is that Tidy Up can be used for pretty much everything that includes research and is provided with a great number of criteria and features, allowing you to customize your search. DupeZap, on the other hand, is less featured but still useful for simple searches.

Features DupeZap Tidy Up
Customizable search criteria
Strategy wizard
Saving criteria
Saving list to scan
Saving result
Assigning system labels
Replacing with aliases
Customizable smart boxes

As you can see, DupeZap has all the features needed for simple searches. However, Tidy Up is much more featured and for only 10 bucks more, you can have the PRO version, which is able to perform every kind of search.

Across the website, I'll be talking only about Tidy Up, but in many cases, consider that DupeZap can do the same thing.